Jerry Remy was a very famous person not only in baseball but in sports in general. The man who once played for the Boston Red Sox had a reputation as a very good player. After retirement, he decided to join the team of broadcast sports commentators. But, unfortunately, at the age of 68, this outstanding personality in the world of sports has ended.
Back in early autumn, he did not attend baseball games and did not comment on sports translations, because he was concerned about his health. Jerry Remy had lung cancer. But despite his illness, he has consistently stated that he will continue to comment on events and that he will continue to fight cancer with whatever means at his disposal.
After a long absence, the legend returned with the Red Sox facing the New York Yankees. At the start of the match, he was the one who made the first serve. Jerry Remy’s condition at the time was very poor, but that did not stop him from leaving the field and making the first serve of this match.
After his death, his friend Don Orsillo in his social networks thanked the second in 21 years of friendship. He also wrote that Jerry Remy was his mentor and showed him the right path for development. He also said that he would write to his friend 3 times every day and that he was very grieving over the loss.

Source: ESPN