The Lahore court issued a decree aimed at preventing PCB from stopping contracting with PTV’s large-scale sports translations service.
In 2020, an agreement was signed between the two companies, which was supposed to last three years. The main provision of this agreement is to grant the sports streaming service the right to broadcast their sports events. This was done to get rid of fraud and illegal theft of copyrighted material. This agreement was signed in the presence of a high-ranking official. This is the current prime minister of Pakistan.
But recently, PCB unveiled a very strange decision in which they canceled an agreement they had previously signed with a sports translations company. At the same time, a tender was opened for another company to take the place of PTV.
PCB stated that the other party to the contract was in default. That is why the company’s management decided to end the contract and find another partner. But in turn, the sports broadcaster said that no mourning was received, as it is spelled out in the agreement. Although before filing a claim in court under the terms of the contract, you need to decide everything among yourself.
The situation is rather strange. Representatives of both companies declined to comment on the case.

Source: ESPN